Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Two Are Alike

We have our first winter snowstorm here in Pennsylvania. So, today I'm thinking about snowmen!! 

Many folks on Pinterest have been posting really cute snowman ideas. So, I expanded on them and created a self-esteem small support group session for second graders. However, this idea could be adapted and used in any elementary classroom.

First, I purchased some snowflake cutouts and fadeless construction paper at my local Becker's School Supplies. Although their fadeless construction paper is not as thick as I would like, I always use fadeless for my projects. If I'm going to spend all this time making something, I want the color to last! Make sure the snowflake cutouts you purchase are different designs. Next, I purchased any other supplies I didn't have at A.C.Moore and Michaels. A great purchase was the transparent thread (to make the hanging snowflakes look like they are just falling from the ceiling).

Next, I made the poster and added the words: No Two Are Alike at the bottom (created using Word).

Prior to the group session, I created 3 - 6 inch or so snowflakes for each student in the group using Word. On each snowflake, I added one of the following:
     My name is
     I'm good at
     I'm not so good at
I would suggest printing and cutting each of these out ahead of time -- to save precious minutes during the group session.

During the group session, I first read the book: No Two Alike by Keith Baxter. As we read Baxter's book and his examples of creatures and things that are not alike, we discussed how each of us is unique - one of a kind. We discussed how each of us has strengths (things we do well) and weaknesses (things we don't do well).

Then, I handed out the pre-cut snowflakes I created prior. I had the students complete the statements I added to each of the snowflakes. They could use words and/or pictures. If they used pictures, I labeled each picture on the snowflake.

Finally, I punched holes in all of the snowflakes, tied on the transparent thread, lugged the ladder down the hall, and hung up the poster and snowflakes in the hallway.

An adorable winter scene!

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  1. This gave me a great idea for my classroom door. There will be a snowflake for each student with their picture in the middle. "No Two Are Alike" at the top of the door. Thanks for the inspiration.