Friday, July 05, 2013

Post #1: ASCA 2013 "Quote Notes" and Other Learnings

I just returned from my very first ASCA Annual Conference! What an fantastic adventure it was! I am so thankful for all the professional development opportunities and all of the amazing school counselors I met over the course of the 4 days. 

Below you will find some of the "Quote Notes" I took as I was listening to the various speakers (from Keynote Speakers to Breakout Session Presenters). I jotted down some of their most thought provoking statements and decided to share some of them with you. The "Quote Notes" are italicized below! Also, below you will find some other learnings I took away from the conference - in hopes that you too will benefit from my time in Philly. 

Also, if you go to the ASCA website you too can access the handouts of various speakers. Click on the ASCA 2013 picture, under "Conference Mobile App" click on the link and search by day.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

1. Red Cross Training: Foundations of Disaster Mental Health (Dr. Ruth Hoskins)
  • This was the perfect way to begin ASCA13! I left here feeling inspired and ready to explore disaster volunteering with my regional chapter of the Red Cross. 
  • Consider reaching beyond your school walls and volunteer for a disaster action team or as a disaster mental health volunteer. The Red Cross AND the folks in devastating situations need you and the unique set of skills you have.

Monday, July 1, 2013

1. Let Me Show You What I Do: Evidence and Evaluation (Dr. Nicole Cobb, Dr. Carol Dahir, Leigh Bagwell)
  • Burning Question: How are students different because of the school counseling program?
  • "(School counselors) need to be seen as an integral part of the end goal."
  • "You have got to speak this language!"
  • Deliver your program (not just curriculum) with intention and purpose 
    •  Program Mapping - use district plans, calendars, list every activity accomplished by counselors; map to the ASCA standards and the Common Core
    • "We don't have time not to be effective!"
    • Use Delivery System: Services Results Report (ASCA)
  • Management System Evidence 
    • "It's about organization!"
    • Calendars and Schedules (yearly department and individual schedules)
    • Advisory Committee
    • Keep/Collect anything that will document the success of the program 
    • Ask: "Is this something I can use to prove the success of the school counseling program?"
  • We can no longer say, "In October, we do _________ . We need to have the data to prove that when we do things and how we do things is effective."
  • "(We need to have) Intention in our work!"
  • Administrators often think: If it can't be's not important
    • SLO - Student Learning Outcomes
    • Ask - What do I want my kids to get out of this?
    • Ask - How are students different because of what counselors do?
  • Counselor Evaluations - "Counselors should be able to speak to how they use a variety of documentation, experiences, evidence throughout their program as it relates to the individual rubric indicators."
  • Use ASCA Program Audit for baseline data
    Other Data Resources:
  • Karl Liedtka spoke about Ready-to-Use Data Templates and many I spoke to were raving about his presentation and his templates. Click here to go to his website!

2.  Web 2.0 Technology Smackdown (Julia Taylor, Dr. Russell Sabella, Dr. Erin Mason, Danielle Schultz, Andrea Burston)
  • Click here for the handouts for this session!
    • Everything you need can be found on this handout.
    • Really, really cool tech stuff!!
  • Side note - If you ever have the opportunity to hear any of these folks speak, drop what you are doing and GO! Fantastic way of presenting and you will learn so very much!

3. Keynote Speaker - Chef Jeff Henderson
  • He was so inspirational! I will be reading his book sometime soon!
  • "We need to recognize the SPARK in kids and help them make the connection between education and earning money the honorable way." (paraphrased) 
  • In other words, we need to really pay attention to the strengths, passions, and skills in our students and foster them. Then paint a picture of how those sparks can lead to further education and career choices.
  • Our students can overcome the toughest of situations. It starts with someone who believes in them!
  • Check out his TV show, The Chef Jeff Project! Awesome!

Exhibit Hall Purchases

These were the items I purchased from a few exhibitors in Exhibit Hall! The ASCA Model you can order directly from ASCA's website. The Stop the Drama Thumball and Operation Break the Boy Code can be found at Youthlight. The others you can find at Amazon (see the links below)!

Keep watching for Post #2 about the final days of ASCA13!



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