Thursday, February 14, 2013

Office Final Touches

 I shared an office space for a few years and this year I had the wonderful opportunity to call my room my own once again.
This is my office with a second large desk.

So, after my intern finished up, I asked to have the desk removed from my room. What an amazing difference! I couldn’t believe how much larger my room looked!!
Then, I went shopping!
I purchased the white table at IKEA - it was very reasonably priced!!

The 2 white boards I got for dirt cheap at Walmart. They are secured to the wall with Command Strips. The magnetic smiley face eraser is from Becker's Teacher Store.
The white "planters" are also from IKEA. They hold my materials, dry erase markers, and Mr. Sketch markers.
The white plastic container is also from IKEA. Inside the container are 10 bath mats (IKEA). I decided to get these cute bath mats so the kids have a warm place to sit when I have them gathered on the floor. They are cheaper than carpet squares, can be washed, and they can be folded and tucked away in the container!

On my travels around the building, I spotted this green chair and I've been keeping my eye on it. They don't make them like these anymore! It is sturdy and knew it would go perfectly with my other green "decor." So, a fantastic colleague/friend did some swaps and fast talking. Before I knew it, this chair found a home in my office! The cute striped cushion is also from IKEA and is an exact match to the green chair covers.

Finally, I hung up the sign I purchased over the summer from VistaPrint. I think this is the perfect spot for it! That same colleague/friend helped me to ensure that it was level (because I know it would have driven me nuts if it was noticeably crooked)!

I wanted to share with you a find I found years ago at IKEA. I purchased 2 of these blue plastic folding chairs. I use one by my desk for students and staff. The other one I have stored behind the easel to use as extra seating for large groups, meetings, etc. The color is fun and they are easy to tuck away when not in use!
I am loving the versatility of my office space! Happy Decorating!


  1. Looks like a great space-I would want to hang out in there :)

  2. I absolutely love the owl sign! Can I ask what size it is and what the small print says? It's hard to read in the photo - I'd love to have one in my office!!!

    1. Thanks Marissa! This is a Free Small Sign from VistaPrint!!! It says...Whoooo and what you talk about in here stays in here! Except if....You want to hurt yourself, Someone is hurting you, You want to hurt someone else. The size is 3 feet x 1.6 feet....a perfect size!!!

  3. Did you make the poster yourself and if so, where did you get the adorable graphics?

    1. The owl banner is a small banner from Vistaprint. With all of their deals, I got it for FREE!!!