Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today is a GREAT day! YOU CAN...Bulletin Board

It's that time of year again - back-to-school-time - complete with getting our school spaces ready to live with for the next school year! I'm a bit behind on my usual beginning of the year theme, but I do have a new bulletin board ready to go and a book chosen to read to my students! Let me share!

Bulletin Board

Here it is, this year's new bulletin board titled: Today is a GREAT day! YOU CAN.... This bulletin board is made for a small-ish bulletin boards (just like last year's YOU ARE bulletin board). The files include: 2 - 11x14 signs (Today is a GREAT DAY! and YOU CAN...) and 25 colorful and fun "You Can" statements. While you will be able to print this out on a personal color printer on 8.5x11 sized paper, it would be even better to email the files to a local printer and print as described in the description when purchasing. That is my secret....I've found a local printer who does a great job for a great price! I get things printed out in bigger sizes, in color and on glossy cardstock so it is all ready to cut-out and hang-up! 
Click HERE or on the picture to purchase and download!

Bulletin Board Update!
This is what it looks like on a bulletin board!!! Fun, brightly colored. Purchase and download here!! Remember, I recommend finding a local printer who will print this all in color for you on glossy cardstock!

Beginning of the Year Book

I ordered What do you do with a problem? by Kobi Yamada sight unseen. I was hoping it would be perfect to read to all of my students in September. It arrived today and didn't disappoint. Few words and great growth-mindset message! Not a real fan of the illustrations, but the written word makes up for that - big time. Way worth the purchase. I will keep you updated with my lesson plan when it's ready to go. You can find that book by clicking HERE or on the photo.