Friday, April 19, 2013

Fantastic Frames!

I'm always looking for ideas to recognize kiddos who are excelling academically or behaviorally. It's actually funny how educators always seem to be on the lookout for items that would be useful in their work with students.

Earlier this year, on a shopping trip to IKEA, I came across these really fun frames! Immediately, I thought of a bunch of ways they would be useful to me! Recently, I added these 4x6 inch card stock positive reinforcement sayings to the frames. I didn't quite judge the border size correctly (some of the wording was cut off), but I didn't think it was worth all the work to re-do them! Two acrylic pieces slide out of the top of these frames and between them you can display whatever you like! Because of the clear acrylic, these frames are double-sided!

These frames can be borrowed by teachers to place on student desks when warranted. Students involved in behavior modification plans could also earn these frames to display on their desks. To boost staff morale, school counselors could place these frames on teacher desks!

Your effort really shows! Good for you!

Bravo! Marvelous! Outstanding! Stupendous!

Job Well Done! I knew you had it in you!

Great Thinking! Very Impressive!

You made my day! Keep up all the great work!

Other uses:
  • Table announcements for students, staff, etc.
  • Directions for student classroom expectations
  • Table announcements and information for workshops
  • Table welcome signs for special events
  • Signs labeling office or event sign-in sheets
  • Signs labeling food items for appreciation events
  • Pictures
  • On and on and on....

Did I mention they only cost $.99 a piece?? What a bargain for the number of fun uses!
Click here to head to the IKEA website to get your Fantastic Frames!!