Friday, December 28, 2012

School Counseling Linky Party 2013

How fun is this?!? Marissa over at is hosting a School Counseling Linky Party for 2013! I never participated in a Linky Party before....looking forward to it!


Other than the blog posts themselves, I don't have too many "Blog Features" yet. I plan on adding some in 2013. So, for now, my best Blog Feature would be the page where I have listed some of my projects that have been "Inspired by Others." So many ideas are floating around out there on the web and these are a few of my first projects that I felt would be useful in my world as an elementary school counselor. Here are a few of those projects!

Brain SprinklesInspired by: Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business
 Sensory Bags
Inspired by: Teach Preschool
 Sensory Balloons
Inspired by: Shared and Remember

Calming Bottles
Inspired by: Scrapbook of a School Counselor                  

It was hard to choose! Can I pick two? Yes, I is my blog:)
My first favorite post was one that I just recently added - Bringing School Counselor Mini-Meetings to Life! This post discussed how Danielle at School Counselor Blog helped me to conceptualize how I could meet with every one of my students in my urban elementary school. Meeting with every student is something I wanted to do for many years, but I could never get past how I could accomplish a task so grand! Through the mini-meeting format, I have cherished these minutes I have spent with every student. Plus, I have had some unbelievable learnings that I look forward to writing about in 2013!

My second favorite post was "Our Therapy Dog Friend." I am a dog lover and I have witnessed first hand, through Moses our Therapy Dog, the powers of what a dog can do for kiddos. He is so huge (all 215 pounds of him), so adorable, and has become a part of the classroom families in which he visits. I highly recommend reaching out to your local therapy dog chapter to inquire about having a furry friend visit your school!
By far, the most popular Blog Post of 2012 was Beginning of the Year Theme - Be Yourself! In this post, I talked about how I was going to start the 2012 school year with a new book and corresponding hallway decor. I included links for folks to print out their own BE Words and Signs. 

Then, I had a follow-up post titled: Be Yourself Update. In this post, I included pictures of what the words and signs looked like in my hallway!
I received so many compliments and thanks from folks all over the place in regard to these words of inspiration. But, one of the most exciting pieces of inspiration for me was when Barbara from the Corner on Character alerted me to the video on Maria Dismondy's web page! Click on the above link to watch the video! Maria Dismondy is a children's book author (I have all of her books)... I couldn't believe she printed out my signs and used them in her presentations!

Geez, Louise, Marissa....this is a difficult one to answer!

So, here are 5 of my favorite school counseling blogs, in no specific order....


                      Plus 1 more... are some of my other favorite blogs....

Kevin and Amanda

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Thanks, Marissa! This was a great opportunity to reflect on 2012!!


  1. I love your signs! Thank you for the inspiration to use them when I went to a school recently!!! Happy New Year! Maria