Friday, February 08, 2013

Random Acts of Graciousness!

As I mentioned in the prior post about National School Counseling Week 2013, I was so thrilled and humbled by the feedback that I received from the students and the staff. I wanted to write this post about the thoughtfulness of the staff.

It doesn't take much to let someone know that you appreciate them or appreciate something that he/she did. The small unexpected gestures are so meaningful and quite magical that I find that they stick with me. An educator's job is so demanding and often thankless. So when these moments of gratitude do happen, they mean so very much.

This week I received countless emails and notes from staff members (and students) commenting on the morning announcements, thanking me for the job I do at our school, and thanking me for being me. As you all know, the job as a school counselor can be quite a stressful one...but during these memorable times I am reminded of why I have chosen to do the job that I do. I am also reminded of why I work my tail off!

So, today, I was called to the office. I was in the middle of something at the time and stopped by later (actually forgetting that I was called down earlier). There sitting on the office counter was a floral arrangement. I couldn't believe it...who in the world would send me flowers? The office staff were anxiously waiting to see who they were from and encouraged me to open the card. The card read:

You Make Us Feel Like Dancing!
 -- The 4th Grade Team

I was so touched that I teared up. This gesture was so surprising and so much appreciated that I quickly went to each of their rooms to thank them. They will never know how much their gesture touched my heart, but I wanted them to personally know that I was so grateful. It was at that moment that I felt like dancing...

When I got home, I quickly took the flowers to the sink for a drink of water. I unwrapped the box they were in and found an additional surprise; the flowers were in a large, yellow, smiley face mug. I began to giggle...that mug exemplified how I felt this morning at school...cheery, bright, and all smiles!


  1. OK, your post has totally made my day ... thank you for sharing such an emotional experience. This week is such a treat because it gives our school families a chance to pamper us while we celebrate what we're so passionate about -- helping others.

    Still smiling,


  2. For someone who is running 21 groups in our school, this is the least we could do! Your hard work is appreciated. :) Keep Smiling, Sue!