Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun

How much do I love this Maria Dismondy's children's book? Bunches! First, the illustrations are so great...I wish I could touch Lucy's hair! Second, the story is a great message for those kiddos who are faced with a difficult situation - bullying, teasing, conflict, name-calling, or anything fearful.

So, I decided to use the book recently in my 1st Grade Self-Esteem Small Group and in my 2nd Grade Self-Esteem Small Group. 

The Story
I own the book, but I didn't read it! On YouTube Marie Dismondy reads the book! Using my school's IPad, I gathered the kiddos around and we listened to the story. The kids loved this book. I stopped every once and awhile to ask some discussion questions, but the students were even asking me to stop the story periodically to ask their own questions or to make their own connections to the story. The also loved Lucy's hair and the title of the book! It was great!

Click here for the YouTube video link!

The Activity  
After "reading" the story (watching the video), we brainstormed student fears, worries, or tasks that are tricky or challenging for them. Then, I gave each student 4 Courage Cards. On each of the cards, students were to draw themselves overcoming one of the fears, worries, or tricky/challenging tasks that they brainstormed earlier. We then shared our Courage Cards and to save some time, I wrote their courageous or brave act on each card. The students took home their Courage Cards (we put them in Ziploc baggies to keep them safe and together) and I wanted parents to know exactly what each picture was depicting. Click below for the Courage Cards document.
Maria's Website and Blog
Maria Dismondy really had a fantastic website and blog. You can access both by clicking below. You can also follow her on Facebook.
Extension Activities
Maria Dismondy has a free downloadable reader's guide to use for this book. Click here to access it!
Primary Graffiti has downloadable "Courage Unit" for the book. Click here to go to this resource on Teachers Pay Teachers. You will need to open up an account and it costs $2.00.


  1. Love this...can't wait to try this!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, there's also the e-book through the B&N app for $1.99. Now I have a lesson & activities to go with this!

  3. Yay ... that's one of my favorite Maria books ... and Primary Graffiti does AmAzInG lessons! Awesome integration. We just finished our bully-proofing lesson and we used Maria's The Juice Box Bully!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful post! I love to hear the book being used to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!