Tuesday, February 04, 2014

National School Counseling Week Link Party

Your National School Counseling Week events do not need to be extravagant in order to send a powerful message. All of us are up to our necks in things to do and planning for NSCW doesn't need to be the thing to put you on overload. So, I'm keeping it simple - once again. 

1. Morning Announcements -
Last year I got on the school intercom system and read a personally written morning announcement each morning of NSCW. I enjoyed it and my students gave me great feedback - so, I decided to create a tradition and do them again this school year.

I kept it simple - one announcement each morning that revolves around my theme for this school year - "You Rock - Kindness." I will read each morning announcement (except for the one day I will be out for a meeting and professional development). The highlight is a little gift for the staff (described in #2) and some dancing on Friday!

Click below to access the Morning Announcement Document.

2. Sweet Treat for the Staff -
I take the opportunity, during National School Counseling Week, to thank my staff for being so wonderful! Again, I wanted to stick with my yearly theme of "You Rock - Kindness." Everyone likes a great sweet treat and I took a chance and Google searched for chocolate "rocks." Much to my surprise I found some!!! Unfortunately at the time I am writing this, the Choco Rocks by Kimmie Candy Company are still in transit - so I can't post an actual picture for you. I purchased the individual packages through Kimmie Candy Company,  but if you are an Amazon shopper, you can buy them there in 1 lb. and 5 lb. bags (link below). 

I wrote and created a cardstock note to affix to each individual pack of Choco Rocks. I will punch a hole in the individual packages and round note and tie one onto each package with ribbon. 

After my Thursday's morning announcement is read, I will have a few student helpers deliver the "sweet rocks" to the building staff.

Here is what the label looks like!

Hope you have a fantastic
 National School Counseling Week 2014!



  1. How fun ... Kindness Rocks ... Love, love, LOVE. You Rock, too, Susan. I enJOY and savor every morsel of goodness that I pick up when I visit your inviting blog.

    Blessings on your 'heart' work,


    1. Barbara - I hope I get to meet you some day!! You are truly such a kind soul. Thank you for being you!