Wednesday, April 02, 2014

It Stuck With Me #6: Humans of New York

I have always loved "people watching." I enjoy crowds - especially when I can just sit by and watch folks. I love the airport; I wonder where their travels are taking them, what their story is, and where they've been. I adore visiting New York City - crowds, stories, people watching, always interesting, a sense of anonymity, and excitement.

So, when I came across the website, Humans of New York, I was completely intrigued. Brandon Stanton, the photographer and story-teller, is a genius at his craft! He takes photos of everyday folks and asks them a question or two about their life story. Then, he publishes the photo along with the subject's words. Brilliant! I get to experience all I love about the city and actually get to find out a bit of the stories behind the people of whom he takes the photos of.

I now follow Brandon and Humans of New York on Facebook. He has 4.1 million followers! He posts a few photos and stories each day. I enjoy not only the gorgeous photography, but the truths of each person in the photo. Heartfelt, touching, disturbing, sad, challenging, depicting life's struggles, intriguing, and innocence are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of the stories that have been told. Then there are those photos and stories that inspire me...they will inspire you too!

You won't be disappointed. Visit the website Humans of New York and the Humans of New York Facebook Page. 

This is his book - I don't have it, YET.

Humans of New York Cover


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