Friday, July 06, 2012

Magnetic Boards - Summer Project #2

I have a wall of closets in my counseling office that are just plain wood. For years I've been thinking about how to spruce them up. I mulled over painting, covering with fabric, and covering with paper, etc. Then, on Pinterest, I was inspired by this blogger's use of cookie sheets ( to make magnetic boards.

My thought it that I could use Command Strips to adhere the magnetic boards to the closet doors in order to display student work, important information, or just use as decoration. I could also remove the magnetic boards from the closet doors and use them for small groups if I have an activity that warrants it.

This is how I made them:
 Purchase metal pizza sheets and cookie sheets
at the Dollar Store. Check to make sure a magnet sticks to them - just in case!

Purchase large, colorful, and shiny gift bags at Target
or other local store. I wanted the thickness, shine, and variety of designs - that is why I purchased these instead of gift wrap. 

Carefully peel off the gift bag handles.

Cut down the side of the gift bag (at a corner) and cut out the bottom of the gift bag.

Trace the trays on the gift bag paper and cut out. May need to trim up, but can do so easily by placing the paper inside the tray and running your finger on the top of the paper and along the edge of the tray. Cut along the crease you made.

Take the cut-outs and adhere to the bottom of the pans. I used tape in case I'd like to change out the
paper some day.

 Buy some command strips and adhere to the back of the trays to hang. They are ready for some magnets!! Perfect for your room or hallway!

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