Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hunter Workbook

After posting about the book Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control by Dr. Lori Copeland, I had some questions about the workbook I referred to. I use a workbook during the first few small group sessions to reinforce the topics/buttons, check for understanding, and for review. Sometimes I assign a page for homework (the book must be returned the next day for a reward) and sometimes we work on it during the small group session.

This workbook is nothing fancy...just a Word document with some clipart!

Click here to print out your own copy of the workbook!


  1. Dr. Fuller, Thanks for sharing your resource!! I have used this book with my impulsivity groups and This will be a great accompaniment!!! Thanks again!!!

  2. Hi Dr. Fuller! Thank you for sharing this resource that you created! I have used this book with my impulsivity groups and this will be a nice accompaniment!! Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you for providing the your files! I am a 6th grade teacher, currently pursuing my Master's in school counselor and LPC. I am looking into doctoral programs as well. Thanks again!