Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sassies With Attitude!

Look what arrived today! These cute girls were handcrafted by Janus Designs on Etsy. Janis was wonderful...we communicated about the colors I was interested in, the facial expressions, the eye and hair colors, the earrings, and the beaded legs! Originally I was in search of the perfect birthday gift for a school counselor friend....but, I ended up getting one for myself too! The saying on these two girls are perfect for school counselors and fits with my beginning of the year theme. So fun!

Head on over to Etsy and check out Janus Designs - there you will find a number of fun "Sassies With Attitude!"

Look what the Sassies were packaged in...pool noodle slices!! Little did Janis know that these are perfect for school counselors to re-use as de-stress tools!!


  1. Do you use the noodle slices like a stress ball?


    1. Hi! Yes, a cheap way create "stress balls!" Danielle at School Counselor Blog taught us all how to use this idea!

  2. Great idea! SImple and inexpensive is always good!