Sunday, July 21, 2013

It Stuck With Me!

Introducing a new blog page - "It Stuck With Me!" I will be posting any number of things I've seen, read, heard, watched, or listened to that "Stuck With Me!" I want to share with you those moments that have made me think, pause for a moment, or made the lightbulb go off! We've all had those moments that make us say, "Hmmmm...." and I will share my moments with you - right here on this page! Today, moment #1!

Recently I watched an Oprah's Lifeclass episode on "Fatherless Sons - The Reaction." The episode included Oprah herself, Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Geoffrey Canada, and Dr. Steve Perry. Click here to go to some segments from the show, but if you have an opportunity to see this entire episode and the prior episode - "Fatherless Sons" watch it. It is extremely powerful!! 
Much stuck with me during this program. There were A LOT of excellent, excellent tips that we as school counselors could use in our work with parents and students. However, one comment from a panelist rang true in our work with young boys that just made me pause to think for a moment. Paraphrasing - "We teach girls from the time they are very young to be a parent (mother). We don't teach little boys how to be a parent (father)." Think about it for a few seconds...think about the stereotypical play of young children. Think about how adults encourage this stereotypical play. Think about girls playing with their dolls, dressing them, feeding them, changing them, nurturing them, talking to them, comforting them, carrying them around, etc. I do think boys are interested in this type of play too, but may be discouraged by the adults around them. Can we do better than this? Maybe this moment will "Stick With You" too!


  1. How very true. It made me think of a book that "stuck with me". It's called Real Boys & is written by William Pollack. He studied boys & men for 20 years. He discusses the differences between the friendships of little girls & boys & how this effects future relationships. Powerful stuff. As a mother of two boys, as well as a school counselor, I have found his research to be very helpful in working with boys.