Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Tips

Introducing Quick Tips! Handy ideas for busy school counselors! On this new blog page, I will be posting some easy ideas that you can put to use with minimal effort. Today, Quick Tip #1!

Who likes to take the time to jot down their contact information on random pieces of paper? I would imagine that many of those notes, along with your name and contact information, find their way into the garbage can. Always have your contact information handy! Get yourself some free to really cheap business cards at Vistaprint! Go to and scroll to the bottom. Enter your mail address to receive some great deals! Once you receive their emails, through the email - click on their sales and start creating. The more colorful and interesting the better! It's all about the details and folks will remember you for that. Not only did I make some cute business cards for school, but I also made these blog cards. I give out my school cards during some major school events such as Open House, Kindergarten Registration, and Career Day. Also, I give out my school cards frequently in correspondence sent home to parents/guardians, with community members, at professional development workshops, and any other folks that are interested! I took the blog cards to the ASCA 2013 conference and will also be taking them to professional development workshops, etc. These cards are an easy way to promote your role as a school counselor.


  1. I used Vistaprint last year for invitations for my orientation breakfast, business cards, posters! Loved everything! A few weeks ago there was a Groupon for Vistaprint. Vistaprint ROCKS!!

  2. BTW...........I wish I'd had the forethought to have printed on the back something in maybe a checklist format to give a reference to why I'm giving the person MY contact 504 Coordinator, etc.
    Something to think about if you are ordering cards soon! I bought such a large quantity, I don't want to scrap what I have, but next time I will add that for sure!