Sunday, September 01, 2013

First Day of School Staff Gift

Our students will be making their way through our school doors on Tuesday and of course, there is much anticipation in the air. I'm enjoying these last two days of summer (even though the weather stinks) and putting the final touches on getting ready for Tuesday.

Teacher Appreciation Printable Freebie BNothing like waiting until the last minute (some things will never change) to come up with a small gesture (for staff) for the first day of school. I looked back on some summer finds and came across this free printable by Bitsy Creations. I printed out the 8x10 version on cardstock and put it in a clear plastic table top frame. These clear frames are so incredibly handy for table-top signage for any occasion! Also, Bitsy Creations has a bunch of really cool freebie signs!

I found some teacher appreciation cards on Pinterest that said: You Were Mint to Teach. But, I wanted something with a heart to match the sign. 

Using the "Mint" idea, I created a graphic with a heart on it using Free Fonts - Janda Safe and Sound, KG Ten Thousand Reasons, and Pea Katrina! I decided to stick with "Teach" even though various staff members will be receiving this. My thinking was: every school staff member is responsible for teaching our students in one way or another. Plus, I thought it would be way too confusing to make different graphics with different job titles. Click here to download a free printable that includes a sheet of this graphic!

Next, I put some Life Savers in small gift bags and tied off with colored ribbon. I also bought some Orbit gum packs. Using, I put this graphic along with a personal message on Avery 2x2 inch square labels and printed them. Finally, I stuck the labels to baggies of Lifesavers and to the individual Orbit gum packages. Click here to download a free printable that includes a sheet of this graphic (you can cut apart and tape on whatever).

Here are the final products.

On the first day of school, I will display the sign next to this basket for staff to help themselves.

While it is certainly a very small gesture, I want my staff to know I'm thinking about them on the First Day!

I wish for all of you a fantastic First Day (if you have yet to have yours) and a wonderful school year!

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  1. Great first day gift. I'd probably add a chocolate mint to the bag for "Mint to Teach" . who doesn't love chocolate?