Friday, September 27, 2013

It Stuck With Me #4 - Kindness!

One evening, not too long ago, I watched this video of a young baseball fan, who had his hopes dashed of catching a major league baseball when another child snatched it away from him.

Watch the clip here... Disappointed Baseball Fan -

The poor little guy was so crushed! The two older kiddos, sitting right in front of him and laughing at this little guys' disappointment, could afford to learn a lesson or two about empathy, appropriate reactions and social skills for situations like this.

Then comes the older kiddo who graciously gave his purchased ball to the little guy. The kindness he displayed comes right from the heart. An act that most certainly made a difference in that young child's life, but also made a difference in the lives of those of us who witnessed such an act.  The handshake of the father to the hero was touching and the high-five the hero received from a fan when he returned to his seat was fantastic.

This is the type of kindness that I want my students to learn and to spread. This is the type of kindness that makes a huge difference in the life of someone else. This is the type of kindness that is the nemesis to bullying behavior. This is the type of kindness that is taught and fostered at a young age and reinforced as the years go by. This is the type of kindness that the little guy and his dad will never forget. This is the type of kindness that the hero and his dad ought to be very proud of. This is the type of kindness that school systems should strive for, teach, and expect.

If "You Rock Kindness" (or if you choose not to) your students will be 
watching and learning! We owe it to them to expect this type of kindness!



  1. Love your blog! Think of the ripple effect even one act of kindness can have :)

  2. Amen - thank you for helping spread the good word! Barbara

  3. This is an amazing clip showing kindness! Every time I watch it I get tears in my eyes. It is such a powerful clip that my husband had the same reaction. Thank you for sharing :)