Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Boggle and Moggle: Weekly Challenge Perfect for the Hall!

In my building, some of the classrooms have their own bathroom facilities and other classrooms need to use the hallway bathrooms. It always seems to be a challenge to keep our students quiet and occupied during classroom bathroom breaks so that they don't disturb other classrooms in the hallway. So, I decided to pair a beloved word game (and my twist to make it a math game) with bathroom break time into a Weekly Challenge - Perfect for the Hallway! 

BOGGLE - a word making game and MOGGLE - my twist of Boggle made into a math equation game - are displayed on a hallway bulletin board nearby my office. Students have the opportunity to compete in this weekly challenge (once per week) while sitting in the hallway waiting to use the restroom or waiting for their classmates to finish-up. The bulletin board will be rotated between BOGGLE and MOGGLE every few weeks. Each week, the letter and number combinations on the large game board will be changed.

Letter cards and number cards are displayed in clear CD plastic sleeves (in order to easily swap out letters and numbers). Students have the opportunity to complete one scoring sheet each week and submit it in the folder displayed on the bulletin board. A student helper or two will score all of the sheets at the end of the week in order to determine a weekly winner. The winner's name will be posted on the bulletin board and he/she will win a a small prize from me. This is what the bulletin board looks like in my hallway!

Click on the pictures below to purchase each printable bulletin board kit!

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