Saturday, November 09, 2013

Introducing the Blog Shop!

The time has finally arrived! The Entirely Elementary...School Counseling Blog Shop is now open for business! 

In the Entirely Elementary...School Counseling Blog Shop, you will find educational materials (for school counselors, teachers, or anyone who works with children) for sale. These materials will be made by me and used by me in my work as an elementary school counselor. For a nominal fee, the files can be purchased for download and printed by you!

As time goes on, I will add more fun materials. I have a whole bunch of ideas stirring around in my noggin and I'm very excited to bring those ideas to you! Usually these materials will first be written about in a blog post and then made available through the Blog Shop. As I have always done, I will make every attempt to post pictures on how I use the materials with my students.

I have always loved making great materials to use in my school! I enjoy using fun fonts, color, and great graphics, to bring my ideas to life. In fact, many of the ideas I've shared on the blog (and included a link for free download) have been accessed by thousands and thousands and thousands of folks! It is so unbelievably humbling that school counselors and other educators find my materials useful and continue to download them like crazy! Keep reading Entirely Elementary...School Counseling for more great ideas!

Don't you will still find a number of items for FREE on the blog and through the Blog Shop! Keep reading.


  1. Congratulations on your Blog shop!! I love your entrepreneurial spirit!

  2. Hi, Susan--

    I'm getting a master's in counseling, and I just found your site---what a great resource! There is a TON of material on here. I'll be stopping back (and I'll check out the blog shop, too!).

    Not sure where you're posting from, but---Happy Thanksgiving!