Friday, December 27, 2013

It Stuck With Me #5: A Letter From a Heartbroken Parent

When scanning Twitter, I came across a link to this amazing letter - written by Nelba Marquez-Greene, a heartbroken Mom who lost her beautiful daughter in the Sandy Hook tragedy one year ago. The letter was originally written to teachers as they began this school year, but I feel the message is so touchingly powerful that it will help all of us recharge our batteries as we head into 2014!

Be prepared - this letter brought tears...
A Sandy Hook Parent's Letter to Teachers

While I remember that horrific day so vividly, this mother has to endure the pain of losing her child so suddenly and so tragically, each and every day. Today, as the police report was released, I couldn't help but think about how these families are being forced to relive that day's pain over and over again with each new "press release" - from the 911 calls, to the police report. It struck me how, in the midst of her pain, that she could so eloquently write to those of us who head to work to educate young people each and every day. She reminds us that we have a very important and meaningful job to do - teach and educate, heal, support, keep safe, encourage, comfort, connect with, bring the fun, embrace, and find the strength each day to do it all over again tomorrow. 

Thank you, Mrs. Marquez-Greene, for sharing a piece of Ana Grace with us. Thank you, Mrs. Marquez-Greene, for acknowledging what we do and for encouraging us to carry on with compassion and fun!


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