Monday, December 02, 2013

Spread Kindness and Grow a Heart! The Grinch!

Instead of doing all of the work I needed to do before returning to school tomorrow, following the Thanksgiving Break, I made this guy!

I have always wanted to do some sort of kindness - grow a heart - activity during the month of December. So, I put-off all the other stuff to work on this little project! You too can put this together in no time!

  • Get some green poster board and use a pencil to free-hand the Grinch. Outline everything with a Chisel Tip Sharpie marker. I love Sharpies!! Also, the best eraser of all time is the Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser. I am NOT an artist and I do a lot of erasing. This eraser erases like magic!!! See the links below for these products on
  • Use fade-less construction paper to make his hat and crazy eyeballs!
  • In Target's dollar section, I purchased these place-mats sometime ago. They had green polka-dots and blue/white snowflake patterns as well. At the time, I had it in my mind that I would eventually use them for some sort of signage at school. 

  • This is what I made using this place-mat!

  • Create the Title using your word-processing program. Print on patterned cardstock and tape on the place-mat.

  • Using your word-processing program, make a heart shape and add text. Print on white cardstock and tape on place-mat.

  • Using your word-processing program, make directions for the kids to follow in order to take part in the "Spread Some Kindness and Grow A Heart" campaign!

  • Using your word-processing program, make a sheet of hearts. Print out a bunch and cut out.

  • Take to school and laminate the Grinch and the place-mat sign. Hang in the hallway. Put the paper hearts in an envelope and and hang near the Grinch.
  • As the hearts start to come in, hang them up near the Grinch. Enjoy reading all the kind words!

Now go - Spread Kindness and Grow a Heart!!


  1. Love the idea! I'm so unsure about the drawing of the Grinch though!!!

  2. Love this idea and I'm doing it with 2nd grade! I am also hesitant about drawing/tracing the grinch. Do you have a picture of what your final bulletin board looks like?

  3. Love this!!! I did with a first grade class as a lesson on Caring and read with the story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" it was great!

  4. This is AWESOME!! I just completed a school wide project for World Kindness Week and this makes a great transition through the holidays. There has been a tremendous amount of negative energy in my school (kids and staff) since Thanksgiving. This would be a great school wide thing to do to change the mood... Thank you for sharing!!