Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fun Free Fonts!

I love, love, love fun fonts! I just feel that a great looking font makes my written material stand out more. From my newsletters, to workshop invitations, to staff correspondence, to materials I use with my students, I am always looking for the perfect font to go with the topic at hand.

Besides loving fun fonts, who wouldn't love a FREE fun font? Here are two of my favorite sites to go to to download free fonts!

Kevin & Amanda

On Kevin & Amanda's site, look for the tab on the top that will direct you to the free fonts. Before you do that, stop and take a few minutes to explore this blog. I enjoy visiting it to read of their adventures and fantastic, everyday ideas!

When you get to www.dafont.com, you can peruse all of the fonts. It will take you some time -- there are a lot of them! On the right, you will find the download button for each one. Look above the download button - it will tell you if the font is free.
Happy free fonting!

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