Saturday, August 10, 2013

Honor Roll

As a kid, I can remember looking in the newspaper to see my name listed on the Honor Roll. It is always exciting to see your name published in black and white. So, the Honor Roll page will highlight amazing ideas that you have brought to fruition in your schools and would like to share with the world!

The first name listed on the Entirely Elementary...School Counseling Honor Roll is....

Wendy created a fantastic PowerPoint presentation titled: What Happens in the School Counselor's Office! She has this posted on her school website for parents/community members to view. It is awesome! I told her that I have always dreamed of having a classroom for my office space - big enough for children to come to me for core curriculum lessons. Wait until you see her space -- dreamy!! I also love all of the activities she does beyond the traditional school counselor's role -- Homework Club and Wacky Wednesday! So fun!!

I was originally going to just post her PowerPoint. But, after looking at Wendi's website, I didn't want all of you to miss out on the fun ideas she as posted on there! I love the types of groups she runs (I especially love the fun names). Also, check out her Resources tab - for a bunch of book ideas.

Click here to go to Mrs. Ellis-Clark's "About Your School Counselor" page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and open the Power Point presentation titled "What Happens in the School Counselor's Office!" After you are finished viewing the presentation, visit the website's other features.

Thank you, Wendi, for the fine work you are doing in Boise, Idaho and for sharing your ideas with us. As evidenced by your students' smiling faces, you are making quite a difference in many, many lives!


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  1. Honor Roll-
    Wendi- I love her website and the Wacky Wednesday idea! I also have a full sized classroom but I love how Wendi utilizes her space. I always want to go and observe other elementary school counselors but don't have the time, this "Honor Roll" is the perfect solution to new ideas. Thank you!