Saturday, August 24, 2013

Honor Roll

You all know I love finding great products to use in my office and/or with the kiddos. I often say that these fun things help to keep me happy when having the roughest of days.

So, this week's Honor Roll recipient is:
Mandi, a new K-6 school counselor, found these fantastic classroom light filters to use over her unsightly and hard on the eyes florescent lighting! 

Mandi says, "If there is one thing I hate in classrooms, it's the lighting. During my practicum, my supervisor did a great job of creating good lighting so that students felt comfortable and relaxed. I wanted to create the same kind of mood in my room. So, I thought I would get a lamp or two. Well, I found a better idea! These cozy shades, as they are called on Amazon, have been a huge hit with my students! When I see students walk b, they have to come in and see why my room is tinted green. They love it! The teachers have also commented how neat they are. These have made the room so much more inviting and sets a calming mood for anyone who walks in. I would recommend these to all school counselors."

I love the picture that Mandi sent me, not only because we get to see these green (I love green) light filters in action, but also because we all got a glimpse into her office space! That is one huge small group space - a lot of kids will be able to fit comfortably around those tables. And in the background I see some awfully familiar school counseling signs from Vistaprint!

Thank you, Mandi, for sharing. You are going to love your new career as an elementary school counselor! Even though starting out is often overwhelming and quite nerve-racking, you will get into a groove and learn something new about yourself, about your staff, about your students each and everyday! These learnings will help you become a great school counselor. Get are going to have a whole bunch of fun and you are going to make the difference in the lives of many!


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