Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quick Tip #5

Working with little ones also means working with all of their germs!  I hate getting sick, but unfortunately, it is inevitable that it will happen - especially when working in an elementary school!

To help ward off those nasty germs and to help keep my office clean, I invest in these handy dandy wipes! No spraying, no paper towel roll...just a tub of wipes! I use these to wipe down my table, chairs, desk, phone, door handle, pencils, toys, game pieces, etc. GERMS STAY AWAY!! After using them, my office smells fresh and I feel like I'm in a much cleaner environment.

It is a great time to get buy these...they are all over the place on in Back-to-School sales flyers and you can pick them up for a great deal!

Also at the beginning of the year, I buy Sensitive Skin Hand Wipes - for me and for the kids to use. They are perfect to use before lunch, after lunch, or to wipe off those grimy little hands after playing with the Model Magic or sand.

Keeping the germs away and staying clean...heck, those two things are part of our role as school counselors - right?!? In my office they are!



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  1. I agree-keep the bad germs away. We can't help the kiddos if we're sick and we're not here OR they're sick and they're not here!