Sunday, August 04, 2013

Quick Tip #3

Surprise students who are doing excellent work! Buy yourself some of these fun and small die-cut accent pieces. As you leave your office, put a couple in your pocket - along with a
Sharpie marker and some Blue Stik (the old Fun Tak) or tape. Off topic - but Blue Stik works the best to hang items up on walls, to keep them up, and to reuse. The white stuff - dries out. Back to Quick Tip #3 - When you walk down the hallway, take notice of all the fine student work that is hanging up! When you spot some work worth recognizing, take out the accent piece and write a personal message to the kiddo who put forth such great effort.  Make sure you sign your name and date it! Stick the accent piece on the work itself or right next to the product. Your students will love hearing from you! They will have a little reminder of the fine work they did and how much you believe in them!



  1. My students have lockers so I often leave a sticky note on the inside of their locker (hanging from the top shelf so they can see it right away). A note of encouragement or praise. (I am a fellow blue tac lover! I think I've had my ball of blue tak for over 10 years. No joke - the stuff lasts soooo long!)

  2. I LOVE this idea! I'm always reading stories and admiring art, etc. I might even be able to get the whole staff to sign on to this! So cool! A decorative sticky note would be nice too so you wouldn't have to carry around the tacky/putty.