Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quick Tip #4

I looked back to see if I wrote about this product (because I could swear that I did) in a post somewhere, but it seems I didn't?? 

Part of my back to school preparation includes buying my yearly supply of Crayola Model Magic. I wait until it is on sale and then I head out and get some fun colors. I gave up on Play-Doh (too crumbly/messy and dries out easily) and clay (many times too tough for small hands) years and years ago. Model Magic is light and doesn't crumble. I keep each color in it's own Tupperware container (sealed tight).

I keep the small containers of Model Magic in the middle drawer of these fun drawers on wheels (Target). I keep them hidden away - so I get to choose when my students will have the opportunity to play with it. Get yourself some Crayola Model Magic!!

If you are wondering, the dotted pattern inside the drawer fronts is just scrapbook paper cut to fit and lightly taped inside. In the top drawer I keep all of my markers, colored pencils, and a pencil box of sharpened pencils (should I need to take them for a class visit). Honestly, I have no clue what is in the bottom drawer?!? On the top of the cart you can see my big giant bowl of crayons. I've had that bowl of crayons since I started my career! One of these days I should really go through that bowl and toss out the really old and broken crayons! Also, I'm particular about the type of crayons I use (Crayola), but I know there are other brands in that bowl. I'm sorry, but those brands just don't color as well. Lastly, on top of the cart, is a pencil holder filled with dry erase markers for the white board (that is above the cart). The cart is easy to move out of the way when I am using (or the kids are using) the white board during small group or individual sessions. I highly recommend a cart of drawers on wheels - to hide your fun stuff and to make maneuvering your belongings easy.

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